Pues los poetas son
pequeños animales en disturbio
con la sed en los ojos y en la
garganta amor

(Jesús Hilario Tundidor)

martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

El Olvido Es Como Un Pájaro Cuyas Alas Se Concilian

(The Broken Tower, 2011, James Franco)

Forgetfulness is like a song
That, freed from beat and measure, wanders.
Forgetfulness is like a bird whose wings are reconciled,
Outspread and motionless,
A bird that coasts the wind unwearyingly.

Forgetfulness is rain at night,
Or an old house in a forest, or a child.
Forgetfulness is white, white as a blasted tree,
And it may stun the sybil into prophecy,
Or bury the Gods.

I can remember much forgetfulness. 

(Hart Crane) 

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Sergio DS dijo...

Forgetfulness hurts.

Hugs my friend.